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The past

During the past 4 years, we’ve been focused on developing open-source theme frameworks and premium addons for those frameworks. The result of our efforts was the Shoestrap3 theme, and the Maera theme, as well as more than a dozen addons for these themes.

We’ve been talking and ironing-out a deal with the guys from WPSatchel for months, and are finally glad to announce the finally glad to announce the acquisition of our Shoestrap3 and Maera themes along with all their addons and the client list (necessary in order to provide support) by WPSatchel. Current customers will continue to receive support from the WPSatchel Support.

The future of Maera

Maera will undergo continued development and improvement with the release of a new version updating and fixing multiple bugs across the core Maera framework and the Maera Shells.

WPSatchel is committed to the future of Maera and is currently working towards new shells and general framework improvements.

The future of Shoestrap:

Shoestrap3 hasn’t been updated in more than a year and will no longer be developed. There will be a new theme released from PressCodes under the Shoestrap name, but at this point it’s unclear whether it will be a free or a premium theme.

The future of PressCodes:

This acquisition is a new opportunity both for WPSatchel and PressCodes. We’ll be focusing on building and releasing new and exciting products, both free and premium. We will no longer be selling themes on and will instead be selling our premium products in the Envato Market.

Want to learn more? Read the launch post from WPSatchel!

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