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Kirki 2.2.7 goodies and new toys

Kirki 2.2.7 was just released and with it we have a couple new toys for you!

In this version we fixed a few bugs, mostly regarding the output & the js_vars arguments. And there were also a few more tweaks:

Using auto transport

Though technically this was introduced in 2.2.6, we now refined it and it’s a lot better!

If you use 'transport' => 'auto' you no longer have to write js_vars, they will be automatically generated for you from your field’s output argument.

Introducing the value_pattern argument in output

Have you ever tried using Kirki to calculate complex CSS values? Say for example you wanted a color control to create this CSS for you:

box-shadow: 10px 0 0 #222, -10px 0 0 #222;

In previous versions doing that would be a mess and would basically require you to create a custom callback for that output. And this is where the value_pattern argument comes in handy:

'output' => array(
		'element'       => '#my-div',
		'property'      => 'box-shadow',
		'value_pattern' => '10px 0 0 $, -10px 0 0 $',

Pretty neat, right? You can even use it to calculate a width using calc like calc(100% - $) and imagine new ways to take advantage of it. It works equally well on output and js_vars, though we advise you to use the new auto mode for transports to avoid code duplication. There’s no reason for you to write the same things twice.

New multicolor control

‘Nuff said. Check the docs on and try it. IT’S AWESOME!!

Changed js_vars mode

If you’ve ever used js_vars with pseudo-elements (like a:hover), then you know that it didn’t work unless you set the function argument to style.

No more!

Whether you use style or css we now inject your styles in stylesheets in your document’s <head> instead of adding them inline in your markup. This simplifies the way we write things as we just take another thing off your head. No more worries… Just write the output, set transport to auto and Kirki takes care of everything else. Doesn’t matter if you use pseudo-elements or not, it’ll all work the same.

A big thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement! As always, if you have any issues you can find me in github in the issues queue. :)