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Styling the Customizer

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Kirki allows you to change the styling of the customizer using the kirki/config filter:

 * Configuration sample for the Kirki Customizer.
 * The function's argument is an array of existing config values
 * The function returns the array with the addition of our own arguments
 * and then that result is used in the kirki/config filter
 * @param $config the configuration array
 * @return array
function kirki_demo_configuration_sample_styling( $config ) {
	return wp_parse_args( array(
		'logo_image'   => '',
		'description'  => esc_attr__( 'The theme description.', 'kirki' ),
		'color_accent' => '#0091EA',
		'color_back'   => '#FFFFFF',
	), $config );
add_filter( 'kirki/config', 'kirki_demo_configuration_sample_styling' );
  • logo_image: Change the logo image (URL). If omitted, the default theme info will be displayed. You may want to use a relatively large image (for example 700px wide) so that it’s properly displayed on retina screens as well.
  • description: Changes the theme description. Will be visible when clicking on the theme logo.
  • color_accent: The accent color. This will be used on selected items and control details.
  • color_back: The background color. This will be used on sections & panels titles.
  • width: The width of the customizer. Use any valid CSS value like for example 24%, 400px, 25em etc. In case you decide to change the width, please take into account mobile users as well.
  • disable_loader: set to true if you want to disable the custom Kirki loader and use the WP Core default.
The following docs are for Kirki 2.2.0 and above.