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You can use the transport argument to define how your options will be applied to the preview.

There are 3 choices available: refresh, postMessage and auto.


By default all fields use the refresh method. This will force-refresh the preview pane in the customizer when the value changes.


If you use the postMessage method, you can either write your own Javascript to change things in the preview area or use the js_vars argument.

If you decide to write your own scripts, we advise you to first read this post on as well as this blog post on Otto’s blog.


If your field already contains an output argument you can set transport to auto. This will allow Kirki to auto-generate the js_vars argument according to your output and make the field work seamlessly both in the frontend and in the customizer without any code duplication.

The following docs are for Kirki 2.2.0 and above.