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The documentation site is currently being rewritten. If you can't find what you're looking for please check the github issues and ask for assistance there until the documentation rewrite is complete.

On multicolor fields, you can specify the options that will be available to your users by editing the choices argument and specifying an array of options in the form of key => label.

The saved options will be in the form of an array of the form $key => $value. See usage and example for more details.

Please keep in mind that you should always use WordPress’s i18n functions for your labels and descriptions so they are translatable. More information on WordPress’s i18n functions can be found on the WordPress Codex.


Kirki::add_field( 'theme_config_id', array(
    'type'        => 'multicolor',
    'settings'    => 'my_setting',
    'label'       => esc_attr__( 'Label', 'textdomain' ),
    'section'     => 'section_id',
    'priority'    => 10,
    'choices'     => array(
        'link'    => esc_attr__( 'Color', 'textdomain' ),
        'hover'   => esc_attr__( 'Hover', 'textdomain' ),
        'active'  => esc_attr__( 'Active', 'textdomain' ),
    'default'     => array(
        'link'    => '#0088cc',
        'hover'   => '#00aaff',
        'active'  => '#00ffff',
) );


$defaults = array(
	'link'   => '#0088cc',
	'hover'  => '#00aaff',
	'active' => '#00ffff',
$value = get_theme_mod( 'my_setting', $defaults );

echo '<style>';
echo 'a { color: ' . $value['link'] . '; }';
echo 'a:hover { color: ' . $value['hover'] . '; }';
echo 'a:active { color: ' . $value['active'] . '; }';
echo '</style>';
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