The "radio-buttonset" control

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You can define the available options using the choices argument and formating them as an array key => label.


Kirki::add_field( 'theme_config_id', array(
	'type'        => 'radio-buttonset',
	'settings'    => 'my_setting',
	'label'       => __( 'Radio-Buttonset Control', 'textdomain' ),
	'section'     => 'section_id',
	'default'     => 'red',
	'priority'    => 10,
	'choices'     => array(
		'red'   => esc_attr__( 'Red', 'textdomain' ),
		'green' => esc_attr__( 'Green', 'textdomain' ),
		'blue'  => esc_attr__( 'Blue', 'textdomain' ),
) );
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