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Adding Fields

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Adding Fields

If you are familiar with the WordPress Customizer API then this will be a lot easier for you. To add a new simple text field using Kirki you will have to add the following to your project:

Kirki::add_field( 'my_config', array(
	'settings' => 'my_setting',
	'label'    => __( 'My custom control', 'translation_domain' ),
	'section'  => 'my_section',
	'type'     => 'text',
	'priority' => 10,
	'default'  => 'some-default-value',
) );

This of course requires that you have first created a 'my_config' configuration.

What Kirki does internally would look something like this:

function my_custom_text_settings( $wp_customize ) {

	// Register the settings
	$wp_customize->add_setting( 'my_setting', array(
		'default'        => 'some-default-value',
		'type'           => 'theme_mod',
		'capability'     => 'edit_theme_options',
	) );

	// Add the controls
	$wp_customize->add_control( 'my_setting', array(
		'label'       => __( 'My custom control', 'translation_domain' ),
		'section'     => 'my_section',
		'settings'    => 'my_setting',
		'type'        => 'text',
		'priority'    => 10
    ) );

add_action( 'customize_register', 'my_custom_text_settings' );

When you create a new field using the Kirki API, we automatically create the setting and the control for that field.

Below is a list of all the arguments you can use when creating a field as well as documentation on each of these arguments.

Breakdown of a field creation call:

When creating fields you will have to use a syntax like this:

<?php Kirki::add_field( $config_id, $field_arguments ); ?>
  • $config_id: string. See Getting Started - Creating a configuration for details. You can use the configuration to define how your project will save & handle data.
  • $field_arguments: array. This is where you can define the properties of your field. Read below for a detailed breakdown of each argument.

Field arguments

Depending on the control type you want to create, the arguments vary.

Required arguments

  • type
  • settings
  • section
  • default
The following docs are for Kirki 2.2.0 and above.