Ari Stathopoulos

WordPress Developer, Accessibility & Sustainability evangelist, Human.

About Me

I’ve been building websites since the 90s and coding in WordPress since 2006. Yes, you could call me an old fart and I won’t be offended, I built my first site before CSS was invented.

Passionate about Web Sustainability & Web Accessibility.

I work full-time at ThemeFusion where I help build the Avada theme.
Author of many open-source projects and frameworks, most notably the Kirki Customizer Framework and the Gridd WordPress Theme. Older projects include the Shoestrap Theme, the Maera framework and others. On my free time (if you can call it that) I work on my open-source projects and attending the Deque University ‘cause I just like learning about Accessibility.

Born in 1981 in Greece - where I still live, my extra skills include crochet, wood carving, building guitar pedals and dabling with arduinos. Back in the day I studied sound engineering and I can play the guitar & bass. I used to play the clarinet and trumpet but it’s been more than 20 years so don’t expect a tune.

You can find me on GitHub and Twitter.
If you’re oldfashioned you can send me an email though I can’t guarantee a prompt response, it’s a mess and things tend to get lost there.